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Spotlight: Ashley Hamilton

Ashley Hamilton is a newly-minted Program Officer in the USAID Foreign Service. Ashley joined the Agency through the prestigious Donald M. Payne Fellowship in 2018. Prior to joining USAID, Ashley served as an Education volunteer in Mozambique with the Peace Corps. Outside of the classroom, she worked on secondary projects combating gender-based violence in her community and coaching her students to compete in the regional English Theatre competition. Ashley followed her interest in gendered programming to the USAID mission in Malawi, where she worked to draft the Gender Analysis report for the country strategy.

Ashley is a graduate of both Spelman College (B.A. International Studies) and Georgetown University (M.S. Global Human Development), specializing in sub-Saharan African Affairs. She spends her evenings and weekends tending to her small nail polish business (Prism Lacquers), and mentoring local youth from her hometown, Flint, Michigan. In her free time, Ashley enjoys experimenting with new recipes, listening to podcasts, and lifting weights.

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