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Our Story...

The Thursday Luncheon Group, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 1973 to increase the participation of African Americans in the formulation, the articulation, and the implementation of United States foreign policy. Our 500 members monitor recruitment, assignments, employment practices, promotion patterns, training, and other personnel matters of vital interest to minorities in the principal foreign affairs agencies: the Department of State and the Agency for International Development.

2022 - 2024  TLG Executive Board

We would like to formally introduce the new 2022-2024 Executive Board.  We are proud to serve and look forward to our term.  As TLG celebrates 50 years, it is important to continue our work preparing the next generation of leaders and continuing to serve as the leading voice in the Department of State and USAID on diversity matters.  

For this term we will focus on providing additional professional development opportunities for our members (both Foreign and Civil Service) creating a formalized mentoring program, relaunching the website, integrating more community service activities into our programs, and continuing our outreach efforts. 

As we embark on this new term, we call on all non-life members to renew your membership. Your dues are important to the success of the organization.  Your dues go to important programs including funding two Department interns and the Terence A. Todman Book Scholarship for students at seven Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  Please renew your membership here.  

2022 - 2024 Executive Leadership Board

President: Yolonda Kerney

 Vice President (Foreign Service): Krystle Norman

Vice President (Civil Service): Candice Helton
Membership Chair: Jacques Eteinne

Treasurer: Bernadette Cole Byrd

USAID Liaison: Dr. Mandy Dagold, Maria Price Detherage & Amber Whittington

Programming Chair: Russell Brooks

TLG Background Information Packet

Visit the Members page to view the letter from the Board President. A brief message about the board's agenda and initiatives as well as a description of the membership tiers.

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