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TLG holds quarterly luncheons open to all members.  Additionally TLG holds frequent events including career development discussions, community service activities, and recruitment events. Visit the Events page for all upcoming events. 



Membership is open to all employees in the Department of State and USAID employees.  We require members to pay annual dues.  The list of dues is below.  These dues fund our programming, the two annual TLG-supported State Department internships, and a scholarship for outstanding international affairs students enrolled at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Member Dues Structure

Basic Membership - $40 /per annum

Lifetime Membership - $550 (one-time payment)

2022-2024 TLG Agenda & Initiatives

Greetings current and future TLG members,


Your TLG executive board's platform is RENAISSANCE.

                                                    Noun. a period of renewal, re-emergence, and regeneration; a revival

RENEWAL: Honoring our predecessors’ contributions while supporting and developing the foreign affairs community of the future.

RE-EMERGENCE: Fostering stronger linkages between and among State and USAID diplomatic corps and Civil Service employees, and afro-centered foreign affairs organizations.

REGENERATION: Modernizing TLG’s virtual and social media presence, membership engagement, and outreach to State Department recruits, interns, and diplomatic fellows.

REVIVAL: Celebrating TLG in preparation for the 50th anniversary in 2023 with tributes to our luminaries, and an ambitious goal of "50 for our 50th" seeking fifty new life members.

In your service,

Yolonda Kerney, President


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