Lifetime Membership provides VIP access to all TLG RARE Talent programs, membership activities, and initiatives with senior State Department and USAID officials.   


Lifetime members will also be invited to TLG-sponsored and co-sponsored events, receptions, dinners, and State Department and USAID high profile events.   


Lifetime members will also be invited to a “Lifetime Membership Appreciation Luncheon” to be held at the State Department 7th floor dining room on a quarterly basis.  Note: TLG will cover the cost of each Lifetime Member’s lunch. 


This will be a VIP level event, and TLG will seek the attendance of senior officers from the Secretary’s office, as well as Assistant Secretaries and/or Principal Deputy Assistant Secretaries from the Regional bureaus.  These quarterly luncheons will provide a forum for senior officials to update Lifetime Members on the Department’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, and programs to recruit and retain African-American officers. 


Finally, TLG’s president will organize semi-annual in-person or Town Halls at the State Department to engage members on TLG initiatives.  The town halls will also provide a forum to review strategies to effectively engage the Department’s senior leadership on TLG issues and priorities.

Lifetime Membership