Platinum Lifetime Membership (PLM) provides VIP access to TLG programs, activities and initiatives, with particular emphasis on engagements with senior State Department and USAID officials. PLMs will be invited to TLG-sponsored and co-sponsored activities and events at the State Department and USAID. PLMs will also be invited to attend a semi-annual “Lifetime Membership Appreciation Luncheon” to be held at the State Department 7th floor dining room. PLM lunches paid by TLG.


The PLM Appreciation luncheon will be a VIP level event, and TLG will seek the attendance of senior officers from the Secretary’s office, as well as Assistant Secretaries and/or Principal Deputy Assistant Secretaries from the Regional bureaus. The semi-annual luncheons will provide a forum for senior State Department officials to update PLMs on the Department’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, and efforts to recruit and retain African-American officers.

Finally, PLMs will be invited to an annual TLG Town Hall at both the State Department and USAID to engage TLG Leadership on progress made implementing the R.A.R.E Talent Initiative. The town hall will include a strategy review discussion to bolster TLG’s effective engagement with senior State Department and USAID leadership.


Platinum Lifetime Membership (PLM) applies to:

  • Lifetime Membership 

Platinum Lifetime Membership

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