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3 National Security Advisors

2 Secretaries of State

1 Deputy Secretary of State

4 U.S. Ambassadors to the UN

1 Acting Administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development

5 Directors General of the Foreign Service

1 Director of United States Information Agency

1 Counselor and Acting Deputy Director of  United States Information Agency


4 Career Ambassadors (Highest Rank in the Foreign Service)


199 Chiefs of Mission (Since 1949)

Of the 199, 124 have been Career Foreign Service State Department Officers, 

5 Former USIA, 5 USAID, and 1 State Department Career Civil Service Officer.  


Of the 199, 64 have been non-career.

Regional Breakdown

Africa: 124

Western Hemisphere: 22

East Asia and Pacific: 16

Europe and Eurasia: 15

International Organizations: 13

Near East: 6

South Central Asia: 3


12 Director General’s Cup Recipients

5 Foreign Service/7 Civil Service


7 Agencies Represented within TLG Membership


4 Generations Represented within TLG Membership


32 American Foreign Service Association/Thursday Luncheon Group Interns


8 HBCUs and Universities Receiving the Todman Book Scholarship


38 TLG Lifetime Members

24 Pioneer Award Recipients

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