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Can You Catch Worms From Your Child

Kids can come into contact with the infected eggs via dirt or other tainted materials, like sand in a sandbox. But more often than not, it’s probably.

  • Threadworms at-a-glance. - They look like small white threads – from about 2mm to 1cm long – and can be seen in poo ². - The main symptom of threadworms is an itchy bottom, especially at night ¹. - Medicine for.

  • Other symptoms can include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, headache, rash, sore throat and an overall feeling of being unwell. Children and adolescents are more prone to the infection. Infection cannot be spread from person to person..

  • The best time to check for worms is first thing in the morning before your child goes to the toilet, you can shine a light on the area to help see around the.

Can You Catch Worms From Your Child

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