Silver membership (SM) benefits include participation in the R.A.R.E Talent initiatives, invitations to TLG sponsored and co-sponsored events, and access to TLG’s State Department and USAID domestic, global and LinkedIn network. SMs will also receive updates on advocacy initiatives and engagements with senior State Department and USAID officials. SMs also will be invited to TLG-sponsored and co-sponsored events and networking held at the State Department and USAID.


Finally, SMs will be invited to an annual TLG Town Hall at both the State Department and USAID to engage TLG Leadership on progress made implementing the R.A.R.E Talent Initiative. The town hall will include a strategy review discussion to bolster TLG’s effective engagement with senior State Department and USAID leadership.


Silver Membership (SM) applies to:

  • FS-03 & FS-02; 

  • GS-12 to 14

Silver Membership