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TLG Organizational Structure

Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

TLG actively seeks to keep our members in the U.S. and abroad informed about the achievements of African-Americans in foreign policy and management issues affecting African-American employees of the Department of State and USAID. Additionally, TLG has been instrumental in furthering the Department’s initiative to promote diversity. TLG has successfully developed partnerships with Howard University, the Congressional Black Associates, the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA), and the Association of Black American Ambassadors (ABAA) to recruit diverse talent. Over the past five years, TLG has co-hosted recruitment events with Howard University. Additionally, for over twenty years TLG has co-sponsored a paid internship with AFSA.

Mentoring one of the organization’s pillars, which is designed to help improve the career development and networking opportunities for our members. For the 2018-2020 term, TLG is focusing on providing additional professional development opportunities for our members (both Foreign and Civil Service), relaunching the website, integrating more community service activities, and continuing outreach efforts.


Mission Statement

To increase the participation of African-Americans and other minorities in the formulation, articulation and implementation of United States foreign policy.


Organizational Structure and Communication

President:  Represents and advocates for TLG, its members, and constituency in meetings with the Secretary of State, DOS senior leadership, and the Bureau of Human Resources.  Chairs board and general meetings.  Coordinates events and serves as the liaison to the Office of Civil Rights (S/OCR) and other State Department Affinity Groups.  Maintains contact with Association of Black American Ambassadors, American Foreign Service Association, and other TLG affiliates.   Must be a direct-hire of the State Department.

Vice President:  Represents and advocates for TLG, its members, and constituency in meetings with the Secretary of State, senior leadership, and the Bureau of Human Resources.  Serves as president as needed.  Manages daily operations of the organization.  

Treasurer:  Ensures TLG complies with the FAM and other statutory regulations.  Responsible for maintaining clear and accurate financial records for TLG funds.  Establishes and maintains fundraising mechanisms.    

Secretary:  Creates and keeps records of TLG's decisions.  Maintains historical records of Board and Member meetings.  Works to strength communication with overseas members, i.e. quarterly e-newsletter.  Responsible for publicizing TLG events via email, Department notices, and flyers.

Communications/Outreach Coordinator:   Working towards increasing general membership, serves as liaison to A-100 classes and Office of Recruitment, Examination and Employment (HR/REE) on Department recruiting events and career fairs.  Maintains contacts with external audiences, including think-tanks, universities, and other federal and non-profit organizations.  Maintains our website and social media platforms.

Membership Chair/Program Coordinator: Coordinates speaker series for TLG. Organizes brown bags and identifies leadership and career development events for members (i.e. performance evaluations, EERs, promotions, FS and CS assignments process, International Career Advancement Program, mentoring programs).  Additionally, organizes holiday events, happy hours, and other social events for members.  Coordinates the TLG annual commemoration celebration. 

USAID Liaison:Coordinates USAID specific programming including brown bags and professional development. Maintains contact with USAID members. Serves as an advisor on integrating TLG programming for USAID employees.

*New board elections are scheduled for March 2020. The open call for nominations will be sent to all dues paying members. Members can nominate themselves for any available position on the board. The current board, led by the Secretary, will oversee the elections. When the new board is elected all files and materials will be handed over with a Memo detailing governing procedures. In addition, outgoing board members will be on hand to answer any questions and serve as a resource for the newly elected board. Organizational Communication

TLG regularly communicates with its membership through email to provide updates and promote events and activities. In addition, we utilize social media to communicate with a broader audience. We promote our events and spotlight the accomplishments of our members on social media.

Meetings Events

TLG holds quarterly luncheons open to all members. Additionally TLG holds frequent events including career development discussions, community service activities, and recruitment events. (The list of TLG activities is included in the new member package). Membership

Membership is open to all employees in the Department of State and USAID employees. We require members to pay annual dues. The list of dues is below. These dues go to funding our two paid internships and a scholarship for students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

· $25 — FS-04 & below; GS-11 & below; Contractors                 

· $30 — FS-3 & FS-2; GS-12-14

· $50 — FS-01, GS-15, Sr. Exec. Service, Sr. Foreign Service, & Ambassador level

· $500 — Lifetime

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